That’s Bizarre. No, It’s CHANEL.

Dear World,

I’ve been on many adventures and, similar to the eccentric people who take pictures of gnomes all over the world, I have a scarf which shares a similar experience. This post is part fashion and part alcohol induced.

For 25 years Karl Lagerfeld, whom I affectionately call Uncle Karl, has been the mastermind behind the timeless elegance and statement making pieces from the House of CHANEL. Métiers D’Art Pre-Fall 2009 from CHANEL was a pretty fantastic collection.

“‘Paris-Moscou’ was Lagerfeld’s theme for the semi-annual collection designed to show off the skills of the French embroiderers, milliners, goldsmiths, and shoemakers the house supports” ( The collection was heavily dominated by Russian themes; the opulent colors and fabrics and textures perfectly embodied the Russian folklore and constructivism which inspired the collection.

One piece caught my eye in the runway show. A scarf. One side of the scarf was simply orange and black stripes while the other was an intricately laid out rendition of the Russian city-scape, complete with onion shaped domes and lots of gold. It was also adorned with a metal gold and black CC logo’d bauble (which I had removed and re-mastered into a brooch). At the CHANEL trunk show, I was able to secure this gorgeous scarf thanks to my trusty shopping sidekick, Mimi Evans.

Thanks to Mimi’s swift hand I had purchased the most gorgeous scarf I’ve ever owned. I’m sort of a “Slav” to accessories; get it? Anyway, my saying is, “I’m never too fat for accessories!” so given the chance, those are the collection pieces I buy.

Back to my story though…Once my scarf and brooch were complete they were gracefully shipped to me and the adventure began! My new scarf seemed to have it’s very own cult following and I was actually afraid that at night it was getting on Facebook and friend-ing people because if its infinitely growing notoriety.

I believe it’s inaugural outing was to the Palace and the Frontier taverns; not as grand as Russia but hey, we all start somewhere! One person at the Frontier asked if I was newly enrolled in Hogwart’s…um, no. Just stop talking and do your job, get me a beer.

My scarf and I whisked ourselves over to the Palace where yet another scene would play out. It became the hot potato plaything. It somehow managed to entangle itself around my dear friend Crystal’s lithe frame and would not come back to me. I also got dragged into a friend’s love drama which did not make me very happy…Heartbreak aside, the scarf knew when to come to Mommy and we went home.

It was at the Ellensburg Brew Fest where the BIZARRE part of the story comes into being. My not-so-fashion-savvy friend, Davis, came over and asked where I had purchased such a BIZARRE scarf? My simple reply, “It’s CHANEL.” I think I even added a “bitches” at the end for good measure. Davis promptly erupted in laughter while simultaneously rolling his eyes as he began to recount the tale of us flying PJ to Jackson Hole, Wyoming and what an adventure that was. I think at one point after I was incapable of walking, I made him grudgingly carry my CHANEL purse so we could make it back to the comfort of the condo without getting mauled by the wild moose they kept showing us pictures of.

Of course, Crystal and I had to seductively pose with our Bestie:

San Francisco, California. The scarf attended a swanky dinner at an Italian restaurant with some business friends of mine. I think it was good luck!

I can’t wait for another ‘Night on the Town’!




~ by winnieswineworld on March 19, 2010.

3 Responses to “That’s Bizarre. No, It’s CHANEL.”

  1. It’s a “bizarre” cult following that scarf has; practically iconic here in the states. I think it’s time to share it with the rest of the world 🙂

    • OK, where shall we go? Nice sounds like fun this time of year…Uncle Ernie was hoping we would be in Bernkastel this weekend to stay at his guest house and help him drink his private cellar 😦

      • Knowing Uncle Ernie, I’m sure there’s plenty of wine to drink…just about every weekend! I want to celebrate my birthday this year out of the country-I have a month off-now I just need a handful of fun people & places to go! Ernie’s cellar perhaps?

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