Dear World,

This past weekend I was one of the lucky 1,000 ticket holders to the FANtastic CatchCon 2010 event in Seattle, Washington. It is an extravaganza put on by the Discovery Channel for fans of the reality show Deadliest Catch which airs Tuesdays at 9pm EST…just so you know…

From the Discovery site: “CatchCon returns to Seattle on Saturday, May 1 bringing Captains Sig Hansen, Johnathan & Andy Hillstrand and Keith Colburn together with fans for the ultimate DEADLIEST CATCH experience. Fans will have a chance to hear from the captains and crew, see the actual boats that brave the frigid Bering Sea, shop for exclusive items in the CatchCon store and get a sneak peak of scenes from the sixth season of DEADLIEST CATCH.”

I have Carrie from Connecticut 🙂 to thank for getting me my ticket since my computer was going crazy for the 5 minutes the tickets were available on April 1, 2010. My goals for the day were to tour the boats, hear the forum discussions and meet three of the coolest ladies whom up until this point I have only been online friends with!

The day started at the Edgewater Hotel where I was picked up by my friend Travis Lofland, Deckhand on the F/V Wizard, and escorted through the side gate with his parents and a few of my old and new friends (Holla’ to Mystic, Liz, Carrie and Kate).

We giddily picked up our badges and were escorted back out the side rolling door and out of the sight of potentially murderous fans that were still waiting to get in; we were about an hour early. The badges were pretty cool with Gary Soper and Travis Lofland’s best action pose from the Wizard.

We headed down to the boat to see Lynn, Paul and his friend Buck and the random flash appearances by Lenny and Monte and Keith. Travis took a shower, LOLZ in and of itself, and then he was ready to hit the deck and greet the endless throngs of SUPER FANS who are totally die-hard and generally well mannered.

The tour of  the F/V Northwestern was also fun. My husband grew up in the same town as the Hansen’s and remembers some of them from school.

The enthusiasm the captains and crew have for the fans was unbelievable; I would have melted after 10,000 photos but the guys really appreciate the people who continue to make it one of the most popular reality shows on cable television.

Discovery was cool enough to stream the Forums live on the internet for those fans all across the world that were unable to attend.

There was a Captain Forum complete with the Bag of Truth. Easier to explain with a picture than with words! No one was punched or thrown to the ground…this time!

The Crew Strikes Back!  Forum was new this year. I think the producers sometimes forget that the fans of the show also really connect with the crew members from each of the different boats on the show! The guys each got a chance to talk and answer a myriad questions from the audience.

The line for the Autograph Session was outrageous but all the fans got lots of face time with their Deadliest Captains and Crew. Since I know a lot of them I took a back seat to most of the fan stuff since I can talk to them any day of the week…whereas not many of the fans can. It was definitely a day for them and not me!

Johnathan and Scott Hillstrand remembered meeting me backstage at the KISS concert last fall and I got introduced to some of the other crew from their boat.

I got my very own picture taken with Edgar Hansen, complete with a pair of bunny ears, thanks Travis. When I was charging my dead phone on the boat, idiot I know already, I also finally got to sit down and chat with Sheila from Original Productions again about wine (she remembered I gave her some at the Matador last fall)…and meet Jake Anderson from the F/V Northwestern who was a nice guy.

There was a relay race but I couldn’t quite get close enough to see what the events were or which team won! There was also an exclusive Season 6 preview that was so intently watched by every Catch fan in the event hall it was nearly silent! I never made it over to the CatchCon Store with exclusive shirts and Catch gear for everyone but the stuff I saw the fans wearing and getting signed looked CrabTastic!

I was lucky enough to get 2 salmon toys for my Grafitys (why it wasn’t a crab?…don’t ask me)!

6 pm came all too soon and I had to graciously decline the after parties and evening soirees…I’ll be up for it next year! See ya then!

I’ll post photos as soon as I can find my camera…

To see more fan photos and more about Catch Con go to:

or join the fan page on Facebook at:!/group.php?gid=115670048460860&ref=ts




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  1. Would you believe I left my rubber fish on the boat. You’d think, after bothering to steal it, I could at least keep up with my salmontrout. I’m so lame.

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