Dear World,

I had a great day yesterday. My son’s second grade class went to the Seattle Aquarium and my friend, Scott Hillstrand from the F/V Time Bandit on Discovery’s Channel’s Deadliest Catch was generous enough to come down with his son and girlfriend to talk to 60 elementary students and their teachers about crab fishing.

He answered more than a few dozen great questions from the kids and a few more from the parent chaperones who were also fans, LOL! Scott posed for pictures with all the kids and teachers and parents who wanted to talk and get a snap. He was also recognized by other aquarium patrons and he was genuinely happy to stop and chat and pose for more pictures.

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Scott and I had a quick wrap up discussion before he left to take his son home for a nap (Sawyer is a very, very well-behaved child BTW, which can only mean great parenting). Scott was getting prepped to take the F/V Time Bandit out again for tendering in June and his seriousness about the responsibility of one day becoming Captain of his family’s boat was apparent. He is still a young man but very aware of his “celebrity” image and the impact he can make with this television experience.

When I got home I logged onto to see what fans were posting about the show and the different boats and I was APPALLED by the negativity on the posts. I’d like to see even one of those discussion forum members say what they post anonymously on the internet to the face of those they are belittling and making fun of. Better, yet I’d like to see them haul one crab pot without bursting into tears or falling overboard! You people bring shame to the game!

So, naturally, I joined the discussion boards and I will be posting my true and accurate view of the Captains and Crew and on an” anti-hate crime/get your facts straight loser!” campaign. Here was a post I belted out to a group of about 300 idiots deciding whether or not they liked Scott and posting in a forum named  “No More Scott Hillstrand!”…all of their illiterate rants solely based on what they know from watching Deadliest Catch or having their picture taken with him (you know how accurate that intimate friendship can be).

Hi all,

I am new to this DC message board but after perusing some of these posts I think most of you guys are WAAAAAYYYY off on your assessment of many of the Captains and Crew members.

Scott Hillstrand is a hard-working deckhand and realizes that to take over the boat as Captain for his family is a big deal and he is willing to take on that responsibility. He is also quite capable of stepping up to the task.

I don’t know how or why Russell Newberry keeps popping up on these forum posts. Russell Newberry is an idiot, he’s a good talker on the show but you don’t get fired from 3 boats because you are a really hardworking deckhand. Google some of the absolutely horrendous and off-color interviews he has given, embarrassing for him and his former employers! Uber cringe-worthy!

Finally, the stories on DC are real but they are also skillfully edited to create more drama and slant towards or against certain crew members.

It’s TV people, not reality…It’s all about ratings and $$$ and more $$$ and drama to get more viewers…to make more $$$. Not many can last in the crab industry, and I’m sick of hearing that Scott Hillstrand is only on the boat because he is related to the Captain of the boat. That  is totally false.

It is actually sunny outside today so I will continue this stream of thinking later.



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