Washington State Wine Competition

Dear World,

Tomorrow I am to report fresh-faced and bursting with enthusiastic wine adjectives to the Washington State Wine Competition. Friday is our welcome reception and acclimatization to the ‘Palm Springs of Washington’. We judge flights all Saturday…then I have to drive well above the posted speed limit in my Audi to  go to a wine dinner at Suncadia Resort hosted by my favorite Frenchman, Gilles Nicault who is every day wine maker for Long Shadows Vintners. That should be enormously fun and blog worthy…when the time comes :).

Especially considering my fondest moments are when he is describing some thing as “bullshit“…accent implied in the italics!

At the wine competition, we are split into groups of four judges and taste flights from sparkling to merlots to proprietary reds to dessert wines and eventually my panel ends up with the “Fruit Wines” flight. ARGH. I know they are enormously difficult to create, please don’t. They are also habitually and consistently hard on my digestive system. That is an entirely separate blog entry and needs its own toilet paper roll. Thank GOD it is judged last, or else I would not be invited back!

Off to bed…in a bit 😉




~ by winnieswineworld on June 10, 2010.

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