Happy Birthday To Me, Love Facebook.

Dear World,

Today is my birthday. Whoopee. Who cares? Well, my nearest and dearest on Facebook do, that’s who!

Gone are the days of wonderment and surprise awaiting me on this sacred day…When I’d get a pile of presents, a hand crafted hat to wear at school, dinner of my choosing at home and a cake decorated by my favorite cartoon character.

Lately, I’ve been lucky if anyone remembers my birthday AT ALL. Three years in a row, no one said a word. That was ok, but a little bristling that I had become sooo old that no one even cared to recollect how long I had been plaguing the Earth.

I must thank FACEBOOK for overwhelming me with birthday cheer. It does feel a bit hollow and contrived to receive so much lauding and congratulations but I’ll take it any way I can get it these days.




~ by winnieswineworld on June 17, 2010.

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