Fairview 2002 South African Shiraz

Dear World,

I am sitting down with a bottle of 2002 Fairview JaakalsFontein Shiraz.

Here is what the back label reads:

The Swartland “Black Land” region of the Cape gets its name from the indigenous veld “Rhinocerous Velt” which has a natural dark shade. This region has been farmed since the early 1700’s, by free burghers, who were settled by the Dutch East India Company to provide supplies for the companies’ ships sailing to the Spice Islands in the east. Wild animals often preyed on the burghers sheep, and competed for food and water. This provided an excuse to defy the Administrators of the Cape, and start wine production in this region. Jakkalsfontein “Jackals fountain” is situated around a spring where to this day, the eerie evening calls of black-backed jackals can be heard. Old unirrigated bush vines produce bunches of Shiraz grapes with small berries. Jakkalsfontein is a firm wine with concentrated berry, spice and meaty flavor and a long finish. To life!

First, a quick story of how I came to have this bottle of wine tonight. A few years ago, or more, this wine was sent to me to taste and review and give my impressions of the South African wine industry. The wine was misplaced until this evening when I discovered it in my cellar.

So, here I sit with this beautifully aging Shiraz…

Here are my tasting notes:

Aromas of blackberries, leather, and a hint of meatiness that was probably quite robust upon release which has over time intertwined nicely and complementary with other aromas.

On the palate I get a hint of dried strawberry, blueberry and lots of the spice from the oak which definitely provides a good backbone to this wine. Still very well balanced with a dark fruit and gamey finish layered with chalky tannins. This wine has great acid and tannin structure and is great now yet still built to age. My suggestion, drink now-2012.

Here is a bit about Shiraz at Fairview:

“My father and grandfather planted Shiraz at Fairview. In those days it was not popular or widely planted in this country and these early efforts went a long way to establishing Shiraz as a variety with huge potential.  Early Fairview Shiraz bottlings from the 1970s are still drinking beautifully today and over the past three decades Shiraz has formed a cornerstone of our range both as a single varietal or as part of a blend. It continues to be our benchmark varietal.”

If you are interested in finding out more about this winery, click here:





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