Travis Lofland and F/V Time Bandit Rockin’ Florida!!!

Dear World,

My friend and Superboat team member, Travis Lofland just announced a sponsorship with the F/V Time Bandit in his boat racing adventures! Travis normally hitches a ride in the Bering Sea with Keith Colburn of the F/V Wizard, but during his summers he chooses warmer waters and much faster boats!

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Here is what Travis drives in Superboat Races:

Hull 30′ phantom, Super V Lite, #23
Power 8100 Vortec, Mercury Imco drives, Throttle-up props, Hydro-motive props

Here is Travis’ biography:

“Travis Lofland was born October 25, 1973 and raised in Northwest Washington. Growing up with a passion for adventure, Travis joined the Army after high school. After the military Travis decided to head to the great white north for “the great Alaskan adventure” as a crab fisherman. Making his first trip to the Bering Sea with Capt. Monte Colburn and in 2002, Travis started working for Capt. Keith Colburn onboard the F/V Wizard, and is now part of Discovery Channel’s hit reality show, “The Deadliest Catch”. Travis has worked in the worst possible conditions at sea, working on deck in 40’ seas, working in heavy freezing spray and icing conditions alongside some of the best in the business.  With the rigorous demands and pressure of fishing on the Bering Sea, you might expect Travis to take time off enjoying his home in Hawaii, but once again, his passion for adventure has led him to the extreme.

Travis was introduced to the offshore racing world two years ago where he was a special guest at the Suncoast Offshore Grand Prix in Sarasota, Florida. There he became friends with the AMF/Miss GEICO and JD Byrider Offshore Racing teams. Travis had the opportunity to go for a ride in the JD Byrider boat with throttle man, Mark Kowalski.  When asked about the experience, Travis explains, “After the first lap, Mark said I was doing great and asked if I wanted to do another lap and I quickly replied, ABSOLUTELY!  On the second lap, we did over 100mph and I was hooked! It’s been a 2-year journey but after multiple e-mails and a trip to AMF’s shop, Scotty Begovich realized this crab fisherman was serious about wanting to get into the offshore race world. Scotty connected the dots and put him in contact with George jr of the IMCO race team who in turn contacted 3- time national champion and 2-time world champion, Bob Mazikowski in the Super V lite class, one of the most competitive classes in offshore racing. Travis and Bob are putting together a winning race team for the 2010 offshore race season participating in multiple events in Florida, as well as Michigan, New York, New Jersey and Alabama.

Special thanks to the JD Byrider boys for creating the monster, George Jr. from IMCO Racing and to Scotty Begovich who saw the desire and believed in my passion for speed, competition and the extreme.”

Here is the press release:

Travis is in Sarasota, Florida for the Suncoast Offshore Grand Prix this weekend which is sure to be a great time. Travis is also fishing for charity with over 75 autistic children, this is teh third year he has participated in this fantastic event. Travis is used to cheering from the sidelines but this year, he’ll have an entirely new view…from the cockpit. Travis and the F/V Time Bandit are the Grand Marshalls of the parade tonight. Look for Travis and Captains Jon and Andy and others all weekend long!

Good luck and Happy Fourth of July to All!




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  1. You blokes rule


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