Impromptu Dinner With Time Bandit and Co.

Dear World,

The other evening I was on my way with my mother to catch up with Scott Hillstrand from the F/V Time Bandit on Deadliest Catch. Our lunch turned into cocktail hour which eventually turned into, “I swear I’m on my way!”

We ended up meeting at his Dad’s house…bouncing between Deadliest Catch and America’s Got Talent on the television.

When Scott finally showed up, he had a great excuse. He spent the day in Anacortes, Washington at a fundraising car wash for Jake Anderson who fishes on the F/V Northwestern and whose father has been missing for months. Please click the link below to help out Jake and his family:

With a smiling Jake in tow behind Scotty, John decides to cook dinner (bear in mind this is something like midnight but I’m always game for eating if someone else is cooking)!

Dinner consisted of salmon, halibut, steak and clams. Enough said.

The highlight of the meeting that never happened was seeing John and Scott’s custom made motorcycles!

Check. It. Out.

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Jake – I’ve never laughed so hard, thanks for the ‘suggestions’!




~ by winnieswineworld on August 8, 2010.

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