Bed Intruder. Accidental Hit Song?

Dear World,

I talk about (and occasionally commit) Accidental Hate Crimes…(you know, it’s like when you drop a tortilla on the floor and before you have a chance to pick it up your brown friend slips on it and spills her can of Jarritos).

I had never come across an Accidental Hit Song…until today.

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The video below is aptly named “Bed Intruder” and is probably one of the best viedos I have ever seen in my life! Millions of people have viewed this:

You can also buy t-shirts here:

These musical geniuses are the ones responsible for this hugely popular song:

Antoine currently has 120,000+ friends on Facebook. I think the most amazing part of the entire story is that Bed Intruder is currently #35 on iTUNES. More people are buying this song than Lady Gaga!

And that’s what you call an Accidental Hit Song!




~ by winnieswineworld on September 6, 2010.

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