Dinner at June

Dear world,

Monday night I had the pleasure of having dinner with some great friends at June in Seattle as part of the Seattle Restaurant Week promotion.



Delicate squash tempura aioli

local albacore watercress, miso mustard

local roots farm lettuce macerated raisin, shallot vinaigrette

pork liver paté

golden beet goat cheese, walnut, balsamic

mussels house andouille crostini


goat tagine potato, garam masala

gnocchi fennel, walnuts, onion soubise

pappardelle beef tongue sugo

wild sockeye salmon braised mushroom, carrot jus

pan roasted free range chicken glazed parsnip, olive

honey cured pork loin chop faro|

butternut squash perogi corona bean salad

Dessert options

chevre crème caramel

apple tarte, kurtwood camembert

chocolate pots de crème

choice of homemade sorbet or ice cream

This (above) was what the $25 menu looked like. Everything was great. My friends and I got an assortment of appetizers and entrées and shared. I especially loved the beets, mussels, gnocchi, beef tongue and chicken. We had 2 bottles of French wines to wash it all down.

Their menu uses 100% nw sourced meats, fish and whenever possible produce, dairy and dried goods. Everything was fresh and truly enjoyable.

Here is a slide show of the great food we shared:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Their web address is:


Photos courtesy of my dining companion, Lenny Price. www.lennyprice.com




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