So Say We All – Battlestar Galactica Comes to EMP

Dear World,

Wow, this has been a whirlwind of a month! Last Friday I took my family to the Member Preview of the Battlestar Galactica Exhibit at the Experience Music Project (EMP|SFM). We got there early and the line wasn’t too bad, until I looked behind us about five minutes later and saw THE mob of rabid fans…I can’t believe how many people dressed up! It was awesome.

I checked in at the main desk and bought some raffle tickets for the Colonial Flags of Kobol they were going to raffle off later in the evening.

Colonial Flags (photo credit EMP)

We walked up to the Sky Church and perused the gift shop and waited and waited and waited for the BSG cast members and producers to arrive for a question and answer session. The exhibit did NOT open until after they spoke; at least there was a bar!

I had my two children with me so we just waited at the front of the room near where the chairs were set up for the panel discussion. The music was pumping and my kids got their dance on – much to the amazement and entertainment of others around us. The BSG panel walked right past us a few moments later and my kids went wild! Mom, that’s Admiral Adama, WOW!”

The man who introduced the panel came up and said, “I prepared some notes, but they’re not done.” He then proceeded to clip the corners off his notes, true BSG style! EMP Curator Brooks Peck led the discussion, or at least attempted to…

In attendance were:

Michael Hogan, Colonel Saul Tigh

Kate Vernon, Ellen Tigh

Edward James Olmos, Admiral William Adama

Richard Hatch, Apollo original series, Tom Zarek SyFy’s BSG

Ron Moore,  Executive Producer SyFy’s BSG

Glen Larson, Creator, Executive Producer original 1978 series

Brooks Peck had a list of questions the (EMP|SFM) members had submitted prior to the event.

The first question was, how did the idea come about for the series? Glen Larson gave his life history in a prepared ten minute monologue (with Michael Hogan giving some hilarious looks of sheer boredom). I don’t believe I actually heard Glen Larson’s answer to the question as I may have nodded off.

Ron Moore was asked, when did he decide that Cylon women would be so hot? His answer, Tricia Helfer!

Michael Hogan was asked what it was like to play Cl. Tigh after he lost his eye in the Cylon prison camp. He replied, “I liked when we filmed the flashback scenes when I had two eyes.” LOL.

Edward James Olmos was asked what his favorite Adama one liner was? He said a few things and in Adama’s husky voice he sweetly recited, “Laura Roslyn, I love you.” But his final answer was, “So Say We All!” He then recounted the story about how that scene came about.  He said it was the very first scene filmed with the entire cast, that up until that point filming had been with 6 and Baltar “trying to figure out that relationship.” He said as he walked around the flag-adorned bodies and stood with the cast he said, “So say we all.” Some muttered back, “So say we all.” Then he said it again, and there was stunned silence. The third time he said it, everyone screamed “So Say We All!” That moment was totally unscripted, but it brought the cast and crew together and became one of the most poignant lines in the entire series.

Ron Moore discussed the 5 minute preview he screened before the release of the show at some conference and how people totally booed him and thought he was crazy for casting Starbuck as a woman and that there was no way he could remake this classic. Richard Hatch interjected that he was in attendance at that screening and began his  not so humble “begging for a job ploy” which morphed into his role as Tom Zarek in the SyFy series.

Another question was, is Ellen Tigh the same as Kate Vernon? Kate Vernon batted her eyelashes and coyly said she was a complete introvert and not good at commanding attention and acting assertively to get what she wants in real life. I didn’t buy it!

Another question was, what if Adama had been a Cylon? “Adama probably would have cried.” EJ Olmos also told everyone how totally pissed off Tigh was when he found out Ron Moore made him a Cylon. Michael Hogan’s real life anger projected perfectly into the storyline.

So, after the discussion came to an end, Richard Hatch and Glen Larson were whisked away (probably to their cryogenic chambers) and the other stars stayed around to sign autographs and pose for pictures…but it was a madhouse. No organization. People were absolutely incensed and riotous that Glen Larson had left without even posing or scribbling his name on anything! I sent my husband and children up to the exhibit and I hit the bar. All the stars eventually disappeared and I could not bear to stand in the snaking-for-miles line to get into the exhibit (we’re members so we can go for free any other day of the week without the mob)!

Then, out of the blue, Edward James Olmos, Ron Moore and Michael Hogan came back! Most of the fans were clamoring to get into the exhibit; meanwhile, I was relaxing in the Sky Church with my adult beverage. When they talk about typecasting, it is 100% accurate. Olmos grabbed my camera and said, “let’s take a picture!” (assertive, commanding). Michael Hogan was smiling and sipping a drink and we posed for pictures and he signed some stuff for my kids (definitely an adult beverage drinker). Ron Moore was mobbed with questions from die-hards and could see me patiently waiting and probably figured I was the only person there who wasn’t going to tell him he had profoundly changed my life! So he let me ask a few questions and I got bumped out-of-the-way before I could take a photo. Oh well. I got to meet my FAVORITE BSG character, Michael Hogan!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As I was glowing with the superfan-dom that never happens to me, I was brought back to Earth upon hearing the announcement for the raffle and I scrambled to find my raffle tickets...I won TWO of the FRAKing Colonial Flags of Kobol. Now my kids won’t have to share! I can’t wait to get them and put them into some awesomely humongous frames for safekeeping!

I made my way upstairs to share the news with my family and we posed for two quick pictures in front of the Cylon Raider, made a graceful exit and went home. I’ll explore the exhibit another day, at my own relaxed pace!

EMP|SFM is proud to present Battlestar Galactica: The Exhibition. Organized by EMP|SFM and in partnership

with Universal Cable Productions and Syfy,Battlestar Galactica features three stunning, full-size prop spaceships,

iconic costumes, new exhibition films, music and other props from the original and re-imagined series.

Battlestar Galactica opens to the public Oct. 23, 2010 and runs through March 4, 2012 at EMP|SFM in Seattle.”





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