Shenanigans – Deadliest Catch Style

Dear world,

This past May I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Liz, Carrie and Cindi. It was all too brief and mired in a bit of crapweasel (not on their part)…better planning and mood to commence in 2011!

Here’s how my day started after a 2 hour drive:

Edgewater Bar For Breakfast

Liz has just posted a blog detailing her CatchCon experience and if you want to read all about her insider knowledge, see candid photos of Captains and Crews or see a fantastically CRAPTACULAR photo of me, click here. PS, I take all the credit for my not so easy on the eyes appearance as I had been pAArtying in a small hick town the evening prior. Blame the Hillbillies!!!

She candidly surmises the ins and outs of the awesomeness that is popularly known as…The Deadliest Catch!




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