Social Media – Finding Your Moral Compass

Dear world,

A week or so ago I went to a great Social Media seminar with speaker Josh Dirks of Social Creature Media. This was the first seminar I’ve been to where I actually took notes…as in I could barely keep up with all the great knowledge and ways to implement and integrate social media into the things and stuff that I do.

The very next morning, I flew to Vegas. Next, I was anointed the Social Media Director at Wine Press Northwest’s Platinum Wine Competition. I also got to ensconce myself in the throne of the Chief Judge for a while. I was expecting a crown or a medal or a city named in my honor, something…I got my name changed to BOB.

So, after that whirlwind of a week I am soooo glad I took notes!

When I unpack and find my notes I will bestow upon you, dear reader, some of the awesomeness that is Josh Dirks; he has totally helped me formulate my plan for world domination.

In the meantime, still looking for that compass…




~ by winnieswineworld on November 14, 2010.

One Response to “Social Media – Finding Your Moral Compass”

  1. PS, I’m not trying to boost morale, people. I’m talking morals/ethics…and being cavalier with the awesome term. Haven’t you ever met someone who does not possess a moral compass? Discuss.

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