Is It Really The Snowpocalypse? #snOMG

Dear world,

I live in Eastern Washington and although winter is officially 28 days away, someone forgot to give the ru-tard in the clouds this important memo.

So, while I wait for my truck to get warm enough to start I am perusing posts from Facebook and Twitter (my truck’s a diesel so I have to plug it in…think of it as analogous to warming up your curling iron).

I am also trying to explain to my friend in Los Angeles what this snow flurry debilitating storm is like for everyone in Washington state.


SNOWPOCALYPSE 2010 has produced about 2 inches of snow and some ass freezing weather. That’s it! Though, I’m totally digging the new hashtag #snOMG!

Earlier this morning I said on Twitter: If I had #BieberFever I probably wouldn’t be so damn freezing right now…forecast: -8 tonight with a chance of ASS FREEZING.

Facebook Friends have also posted about their near-death/SNOWPOCALYPSE experiences:

“I am stranded at home.”


“I’ve never seen more pictures of a half-inch of snow.”

Quick, someone get that baby before she gets buried in the snow!

“I had to bring my dog into Pilates class because it was too cold for her in the car.”

My dog's Pilates outfit.

Even museums are taking snow days! FRAK. There is snow ON the EMP Museum building…so the museum closed for the day.

Fraking Cylons...

Wow, there is no way this guy’s getting his truck out of the driveway! He better just stay ‘stranded at home’!

Crapweasel, this thing's gonna be stuck in the driveway all winter.

“7 inches and counting!” Wow, I guess you aren’t stranded at home alone, are you?!

Fremont Naked Bicyclist Peep

“Dear Snow Jesus, please don’t let my flight be cancelled”

Get those goats some coats!

“I told Muller to get Orange juice and he got Orange Blend Four Loko instead. Radical! It’s breakfast time!”

Alex is Four Loko

Everyone: stay stranded at home, get into your Snuggie, watch your TiVo and pray to the Baby Jesus (or Snow Jesus) for the Snowpocalypse to pass.




~ by winnieswineworld on November 23, 2010.

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