I Am Not a Peeping Tom!

Dear world,

I subscribe to a blog I love and the author asked all of her lurker-ish followers to finally step up and tell her about themselves and why they follow her blog. What a great idea! Her blog is The Simple Life of a Country Man’s Wife and I encourage you to at least take a peek at it when you have a chance!

Image via Interactive NY

Here was my post:

“Hiiii. I never thought of it as lurkerish-stalking, but I suppose it IS like looking through your windows and not telling you I’m outside standing in a cow pie in my Wellies peeping wistfully and trying not to freeze my butt off or get eaten by your cat. Tee hee hee.
My name is Winnie and I’m a wine grape grower, a professional wine judge who also writes and more often tastes for wine magazines and I’m lucky (like you) to live on a few thousand acres of land with my husband, children (cowboys 6 and 9), lots of cows, a dog and a few beloved quarter horses. My life is very diverse; it ranges from Wranglers covered in blood and guts with a can of Coors Light as my main accessory, to black tie dinners swirling wines with wine makers and colleagues from diverse places. My husband prefers the ranch so I get shuffled out the door in heels to do all the hard work associated with the wine businesses while they sit around the yard and practice roping and train horses.
I love your blog because you post quite a lot (incentive for me to get cracking on mine), I love the photos and you are an eloquent writer. I also enjoy seeing another blog from someone who lives in the country but doesn’t necessarily fit the stereotype of a “farmer”, which has been known to slip from the lips of my friends and acquaintances when introducing me. I try not to let it get my goat 🙂
In Ellensburg, Washington we have had a lot of snow and freezing temperatures that just turned into an all out flood yesterday…I’m ready for spring!
Keep up the great work. Oh, what kind of camera do you have? I’d love to know how to get crisp and colorful photos like yours.
Most sincerely,Your newest “out of the bushes” Lurker, Winnie”

It feels so good to be a reformed lurker!



© Winnie’s Wine World, 2011.


~ by winnieswineworld on January 18, 2011.

One Response to “I Am Not a Peeping Tom!”

  1. Great postings Winnie. I had no idea you caught the “Blog” bug. I have a six pack box of the 03 Baer with 4 or 5 bottles left. Will pop one for the Super Bowl party next month. Love to catch up with you soon.


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