Thanks, From the Bottom of my Empty Glass :(

Dear world,

I have descended upon Kennewick, Washington for the 2011 Washington Association of Wine Grape Growers Convention.

I cruised through the trade show and saw the usual suspects: barrels and tanks and equipment and things I cannot begin to comprehend.

The one thing missing was WINE. Thanks WSLCB, from the bottom of my empty glass!

So, I amped myself up on espresso from Tonnellerie Quintessence, was gifted tequila and ear buds from World Cooperage (LOVE YOU, YURI) and walked around for a few hours.

Next up is a vineyard tasting that WSLCB also has foiled and the WAWGG Industry Dinner which better have wine or I’m pulling my live auction lot…just sayin’.

Maybe I should bring the bottle of  tequila just in case.



PS, I absolutely believe in following the liquor laws but I also think there should be a permit or allowance in the law for responsible, educational and professional drinking purposes.

© Winnie’s Wine World, 2011.


~ by winnieswineworld on February 10, 2011.

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