I WANNA ROCK With 2007 Rock Star Red!

Dear world,

This is actually two stories in one…so get a glass of wine and follow along on this wonderful journey to ‘pop a cork’ on a Rock Star Washington wine!

Destiny Ridge Vineyard

All photo credits (due to my inability to find my snaps) rightfully go to ANC.

On a picture perfect weekend in September, I was honored to be invited to the 2010 Alexandria Nicole Cellars Harvest Party.  It was a “Harvest Party in the Vines” and it surpassed every expectation I could have imagined!

Designed by wine club members every year - I totally bought a few of these tees!!!

The gorgeous 263 acre Destiny Ridge Vineyard served as the location for the party. Add a few hundred wine club members, Mardi Gras beads, wine and food and fantastic events and you’ve got yourself a hootenanny in the vines!

Wind Machines Working in the Vineyard

Due to the remote location and not being able to secure a private helicopter on short notice, my husband and I arrived when the party was in full swing. Glasses were swirling, there was laughter coming from everywhere and the weather couldn’t have been any better. Beautiful sunshine and no wind!


We were checked in and given our commemorative ANC wine glasses and the wine started flowing. Hors d’oeuvres were being passed around from Prosser’s own Picazo 7Seventeen restaurant who served as the caterer for the event.

Teams were stretching and getting their game face on for events such as the Barrel Rolling Competition, Grape Stomping, Skeet Shooting (sober folks only) and the Wine Balloon Tossing!

The winner of the grape stomping was a man whose might and pure and unadulterated drive to win contributed to eeking out more juice from the grapes than the dainty, purple stained women in the competition.

Grape Stomping Competition

Wine balloon tossing was done properly in rain gear and was a hoot to watch!

Balloon Toss Event

The Barrel Rolling Competition between the vineyard and winery guys turned out to be the most exhilarating…by more than a barrel length Jarrod Boyle became BARREL ROLLING CHAMPION!

Barrel Rolling Competition CHAMPION! Jarrod Boyle!

Then it was off to mingle some more and get ready for dinner. Besides lots of wines being poured there were cigars for everyone who chose to imbibe; I passed.

Those who had to endure a long bus ride to get to the vineyard were given priority to eat dinner first. Having been comped seats and thoroughly enjoying the scenery, I decided to get out-of-the-way of the hungry revelers and wait until the end to serve up.

My friends Traci and Eric Degerman sat with us so Traci and I went to go choose some bottles to purchase for dinner. We chose two reds that were excellent. When we finally went through the line and served up, I got a great piece of steak and a scrumptious lobster tail but the infamous paella was GONE! Oh well, next year I won’t be so cordial and I’ll get right in there with the crowd.

Dinner is served!

After dinner and dessert were served, Jarrod and Ali took to the microphone to heartfully honor their vineyard workers and winery team members who work so hard for them. They also presented my friend Eric Degerman, managing editor of Wine Press Northwest magazine with a magnum of 2007 Rock Star Red which he had a hand in blending.

Eric Degerman, Rock Star!

We sipped and caught up with our friends and then it was time to leave…my husband doesn’t GLAMP! We got a great parting gift bag and were forever in love with Alexandria Nicole Cellars and Jarrod and Ali.

Jarrod and Ali, our gracious hosts!

As our evening came to a close the dancing and party under the tents began…

What a view, what a party!

Eric and Traci happened to gift me a bottle of this 2007 Rock Star Red for Christmas and I decided to open it tonight. Funny, the glass my husband chose to sip this wine from was also the ANC commemorative glass from the event. Serendipity at its best!

I am completely enamored with Jarrod and Ali; their vineyard and winery team and their wine club members seen to be smitten as well!

They really do an outstanding job of taking care of their wine club members and I am still crushin’ on their wines and their hospitality.



PS: sign up for their newsletter and keep up to date on everything from new releases to salsa dancing classes with your sweetie, all hosted by ANC!

© Winnie’s Wine World, 2011.


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