Rainbows & Puppies: Version 4.0 – Mmmmmm Beer!

Dear world,

I few weeks ago I had the pleasure of tasting and giving my unabashed opinion about a beer.  Since I have been granted permission only to glug and not to blog about this project, I’ll dub this beer “Rainbows & Puppies: Version 4.0“.

What's left of the 4.0

My husband’s first impression was smooth, he likes it more than most dark beers. “Mmmmm, beer” was about all he could muster for tasting notes.

Here are my remarks:

Aromas: sweet chocolate-y espresso on the nose with a hint of orange peel.

Flavors: a bit of char, espresso, salty caramel, smooth and creamy with a slight “essence of froth” (best I can muster for a descriptor) in the back palate on the finish.

Note: The chocolate flavors and frothiness of the beer on the palate are much more noticeable when I take a sip from the bottle instead of the pint glass I was sniffing and sipping from.

I am not usually a darker beer drinker PBR cough cough but this was very smooth and had just the right amount of flavor and finish. Some beers leave such a skunky finish that you can’t wait to wash them down with PBR; not the case with this gem!

I give it a WOW! Great work “Rainbows & Puppies: Version 4.0“.



© Winnie’s Wine World, 2011.


~ by winnieswineworld on February 22, 2011.

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