Goldfish and Deadliest Catch!

Dear world,

My friend was talking to me this morning about how someone brought a goldfish along on their weekend vacation to the Oregon Coast (don’t even ask) and it made me think of fish and fishing and that popular television show, Deadliest Catch.

Let's go on vacation, and don't forget my luggage!

The show and its colorful captains and crew members are seemingly always in the news but I suppose that’s the price they pay for being celebrities.

I’m sure some of you (8 million, give or take a few eyeballs) watch Deadliest Catch on the Discovery Channel and are as enamored with the show as some of my friends. Well, I am friends with some of those mostly lovable guys and I have neglected to share a fun day I had with my children last fall.

I live over the river and through the woods from Seattle, Washington. Every fall the Seattle Fisherman’s Memorial hosts the Fisherman’s Fall Festival at Fisherman’s Terminal on Nickerson street.

Seattle Fisherman's Memorial

Photo credit SFM.

The  Fisherman’s Fall Festival is an event you can’t pass up if you live in the area and you have children, because it’s fun and admission is FREE!

We got there early and started out with breakfast at Chinook’s. The kids had the usual breakfast fare only to completely devour my crab omelette and leave me with their pancakes. Thanks children…

I happened to run into a friend of mine, Keith Colburn who is the Captain of the F/V Wizard. He saw my kids and asked if they’d like to drive the boat as he moved it closer to the Terminal for all the attendees to gawk at. Their response was, “YES!”

So, I ran after them down the docks and as we hoisted them onto the boat their eyes lit up like pinball machines! They got to see Lynn, Lenny, Paul, Keith and Monte…they were in crab heaven!

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After the excitement of being on the boat and taking a few snaps and wishing our friends ‘good hunting’, we skipped back to the event. The kids made wooden boats, frisbees and painted rocks (all free and I recommend going early to avoid the mobs and inevitable kid meltdowns).

The Coast Guard was there for survival suit races and some of the Deadliest Catch guys were around to take photos and volunteer like Travis Arket, Art Peterson, Keith Colburn and Larry Hendricks to name a few. Art even helped my younger son hammer his boat together and attach the sail.

The food was delicious! They had a salmon barbecue, scallops and even a “Taste of the Deadliest Catch” including King Crab cracked and served by those crazy television fisherman! The crowd went wild and all the proceeds went to the Seattle Fisherman’s Memorial! The weather was wonderful, there were activities and food for all ages at this enjoyable fundraising event.

The SFM is “dedicated to promoting safety in the fishing fleets and easing the burdens of the families and friends of fishermen/women lost at sea…” They are a charitable, non-profit organization with an all-volunteer board and the support, counseling and awareness they provide is invaluable. They should be applauded for their selfless work.

In closing this post, I’d like to mention that not all crab fisherman whose lives are cut short, are lost at sea. But, they all leave friends and family behind. I’m sure their grief and feeling of loss is enormous and as deep and as strong as the Bering Sea herself. My thoughts and prayers are most definitely with the family and two children of my friend, Justin Tennison and all others whom we have lost.



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