Come to Ballard and Drink Wine With Me?

Dear world,

Come to Ballard and drink wine with me…that is exactly the order I got from my friend a few weeks ago. I did a little research and found she was not trying to lure me into a dark and dank pub frequented by fisherman or trying to gt me to line dance at the Tractor Tavern, PHEW!

I met up with my always-up-for-anything-friend, Kate. We started at Ocho for some light Spanish tapas and gossip before trekking to Domanico Cellars, the first winery and tasting room in Ballard! Winemaker, Jason Domanico was there when we arrived and was ready to show off his wines.

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We started with a barrel sample of 2010 Lewis Vineyard Riesling picked on November 6th, 2010. My initial impressions are as follows: very crisp, lots of lemon and green apple peel. It was pretty cold and only a few months old so not truly ready to show off in the glass…but off to a great start!

Next we tried the unreleased 2008 Le Flirt Merlot. Aromas of blueberry, earthiness and smoked marshmallow. On the palate lots of fresh plums, chewy tannins, well-balanced acidity and a spicy finish. This is a Merlot which lives up to its name and doesn’t try to be a Cab!

Then we swirled the 2007 Mesa Rojo Blend. I get a lot of chocolate, graham cracker, plums and a whiff of VA that blew off after the initial pour. Same on the palate with loads of plum and chalky, gripping tannins with a very lingering finish.

Finally, we tasted the 2007 Le Monstre. Aromas of boysenberries, blueberry, cassis, spice and a hint of sweaty leather. Just the way I like it! The wine has a rich fruit core of cassis with a pencil lead and black pepper finish. The tannins are smooth and opulent.

Jason told us that he and his wife blend the wines together. He gets pretty technical whereas his wife simplifies the blending process by asking the very important question: “is this a wine I would sit down and enjoy drinking?” Despite polar opposite blending techniques they always arrive at the same blend and I think they do a great job!

I recommend stopping by for a tasting, the wines are drinking well and during the summer they have a fun patio great for sipping wines while basking beneath the blue Seattle skies.



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6 Responses to “Come to Ballard and Drink Wine With Me?”

  1. I love Ocho!! And have been excited to visit Domanico Cellars! Thanks for the write up.

  2. Love exploring wines. What countries are you most interested in exporting to?

    • Well, since I’m only a professional wine judge and wine grape grower and not a vintner, I say EVERYWHERE! I believe Washington wineries should focus on saturating their local market (Washington) before attempting world domination in other markets. The wines are approachable and competitively priced so when the time comes Washington wines will be poised to gain market share.

      Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your weekend!

  3. […] out! Some even park their boats in the vicinity and there are some great eats, drinks and even a winery I posted about a while back! Ballard is much more than just fisherman and elderly […]

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