I WANNA ROCK @ the Wines of Chile 5th Annual Blogger Tasting

Dear world,

I was very fortunate to be in Chile during harvest of 2009 for a week-long tour of the wine industry with the Central Washington University World Wine Program. I am a grape grower and professional wine judge by trade, so I got to tag along to answer viticulture questions and lead discussion of the tastings at the wineries we toured.

Some of my favorite things about Chile besides the wines? Onces, hamburguesa Italiano, the colors and sights of Valparaiso and all of the wonderful people I met and still keep in contact with from that visit.

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I had no real prior knowledge of Chilean wines and this trip convinced me that Chile is the wine region to contend with: the quality and price points are nearly unbeatable!

That week changed my perception of Chilean wines. I have since written many reviews of wines I have tasted and enjoyed and always suggest a Chilean wine when asked which wines I drink on a daily basis. Lately the Cuvée Alexandre Carmenère from Laopstelle and the Casillero del Diablo Carmenère from Viña Concha y Toro come to mind as current standouts.

I am a cool climate wine grower; my family planted and owns Stillwater Creek Vineyard in Washington state where we sustainably grow 200+ acres of white and red grapes. I saw a lot of similarity between viticulture practices in Washington and in Chile. At De Martino we had a great discussion revolving around ‘reinventing Chile’ and trying to answer this question: what wine should Chile try to market in the United States? Looking back through my trip and tasting notes, my answer was resoundingly the Carmenère; it is such an elegant wine with vibrant fruit notes and a hedonistic amount of spice and depth.

I am also on the weekly tasting panel for Wine Press Northwest and serve as a professional wine judge at competitions throughout the year. I get invited to more and more of these tastings and competitions because the way I judge or rate a wine is based on its typicity. Meaning, is this wine typical of the varietal, region, style? It doesn’t matter whether I personally like the wine but rather whether or not it is a well made wine.

I am active on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and my blog and love to share my experiences with friends from near and far. I would truly enjoy being a part of the 5th Online Blogger Tasting on April 13th and would love to taste and discuss some of Chile’s cool climate red grapes with other wine professionals and Wines of Chile!



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2 Responses to “I WANNA ROCK @ the Wines of Chile 5th Annual Blogger Tasting”

  1. I loved Valparaiso; the graffiti there was amazing. Wish I had more time there to explore the narrow, winding streets.

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