Ladies And Gentlemen: Wine Judging Is Waaay Easier Than This!

Dear world,

Tomorrow I’m off to Hood River, Oregon to participate in the Northwest Wine Summit hosted by Mr. Parks Redwine (his given name). Ahhh, the purple-faced-hard-working glamorous life of a professional wine judge. Alas, this is not to be my week of tasting but instead, my week of hard labor.

Wine Judge - Self Portrait

The Northwest Wine Summit’s rules permit a judge to participate one year only; referred to as ‘one and done‘ by my colleagues. I have judged the competition, but only as a last minute ‘can you please put down the PBR and get your ass here because another judge crapped out and we have an empty seat‘ judge. Not quite the heartfelt invitation I was hoping for but nonetheless, I got my ass down there in the snow to judge wines. As such, I have not officially judged the Northwest Wine Summit. Mr. Vinorosso, I’m still waiting for my invitation 😉

This year I will again attend as a back room staffer. What is that you ask? Why would I even consider working in the back room? Well, to truly understand the scope of a wine competition you MUST participate as a back room slave staffer at least once in your life. The organization, man power and sheer awesomeness of it would humble any wine judge!

Organized Chaos...

I have the ultimate pleasure of tootling down to the judging tomorrow to unpack thousands of wine bottles eagerly waiting to be opened and sniffed by stern-faced wine judges. Lucky back room staffers also get to check in the wine, arrange the wine on tables in order of their category and code, individually sticker each bottle, set out wine glasses in flights and sticker those glasses for the judges…and this is before one wine judge sets foot on the premises.

Things get Wild West-like when the judges file in and take their places. The awesome back room crew we’ve had in the past fews years doesn’t fluctuate much, and I don’t call it a successful wine competition unless someone from the back room has a complete meltdown. My wine competition back room success rate is currently at 100%.

So, as I don my running shoes and prepare for the insanely orchestrated chaos, please wish me luck and check back soon to find out what happens, who judges and which wines are tops in the eyes of the 2011 Northwest Wine Summit!



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