What I Learned About Trade Offs This Summer…

Dear World,

I’ve spent every waking and sleeping hour the past year on the Deadliest Open™ Charity Golf Tournament. I finally got in a nap this week and didn’t have any nightmares about event glitches or golf clubs.

My Clown Outfit ALL Year Long

I learned a lot from the development and execution of this enormously successful event and I think, like giving birth, once the pain wears off I’ll get back in the saddle and begin planning next year’s tournament!

I have been randomly reflecting upon a unit in my 6th grade class entitled, ‘Trade Offs’. In the video, the kid was forced to make a decision between buying a train set or a bicycle – knowing that with his limited funds he could only have one. This was definitely a year of trade offs for me.

To ensure the success of the tournament I threw my heart, soul and every spare moment I had into the planning of it. My trade offs this year included:

Missing hours of watching my sons roping and riding.

Swapping hours of piling onto the couch together watching movies for sitting my my office typing and returning emails.

I neglected my pile of books that I’m anxiously waiting to pick up and dive into where I left off.

My pile of useless paperwork is out of control!

My pile of should-have-done-last-month(s) is staring me in the face with a clown-like evil smile.

Magazine subscriptions I was apparently gifted with for Christmas lay lifeless in a wicker basket.

I just read through two months of the local newspaper and found out two friends had given birth, my sons won more than I realized at the Junior Rodeo, the paper listed the golf tournament on the wrong date, I missed some great lectures and also missed some classically LOL-tastic Ellensburg Police Blotter entries!

I can’t remember the last time I consumed a bottle of wine while NOT furiously working at the computer.

I have a new-found appreciation for event tee shirts. I haven’t done any of my own laundry, save for a few necessary loads, in months! I forgot what my wardrobe actually consists of. Instead of golf skirts and 5K tees, I’ve slithered back into my everyday jeans and sweaters. What a comfort that has been! Oh, and I can actually see the floor in my bedroom…everything’s folded and I can move onto another disaster area in the house.

I love, love, love cooking and cleaning. Yes, I am a freak of sorts! I spent the afternoon perusing and becoming inspired by my mother’s cookbook collection. Tonight’s dinner will be Scallops and Risotto Primavera with baby cupcakes for dessert accompanied by WINE that I shall sip, swirl and savor at the dinner table with my family.

I missed out on some great wine tastings and outings with colleagues and friends these last few months.

I’ve realized every vacation on my calendar this year was actually a meeting disguised as a fun time…

OK, this WAS a really fun night with Kate, Alex and Crosby!

I have truly missed developing a manuscript that is long overdue and completely ready to be unleashed from my mind. I have more content and controversy written and constructed in my mind than a series of novels about sparkly vampires…

I’m apparently not as popular now that the tournament is over – I’m only getting 50 emails a day instead of the 200+ per day and my phone remains dormant much of the day like our blissfully relaxed dog out at the ranch.

The Life of the Party...

Don’t get me wrong, it was a great experience and one I’d replicate in a heartbeat…I just never realized how much of my normal, quiet life was passing me by without my ever taking notice. I suppose I ignored it on purpose, to knowingly miss out on so much of life is a crime, but making a living and finishing this project was my main priority this year.

Nowadays, my offices and calendar are filled with school homework, parent group notices and recipes I’ve been dreaming of whipping up!

I'll take this any day of the week!

This coming Wednesday marks the first day in a long, long time that I get to taste with Wine Press Northwest magazine.

Life is nearly back to normal again so you will definitely see me on this blog much more regularly.

I can’t wait to share my adventures with you; everything from the mundane to the extraordinary.




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